For the act: “How to win The King Alcohol”

Jack London, the big writer, who famed with his act the militancy, the vitality and the strong will to brook on legs the hardest shoots of the destiny and to resist to all challenges, the author of the big hymn for the victory of the human being against the fear, despondency and desperation, oneself was defeated. He was defeated by the alcohol. He died in his 40th year. But, he did not fall before writing the book “The King Alcohol” ,his intimate story that how even him, the one of the strongest and the most talented, had to succumb in front of the horrible enemy: the addiction of alcohol!
He knew the secret of the victory, but he did not have strength to implement it. He gave precious advice to others, but he acceded in front of the delusion that against his physical and mental force even the King Alcohol has no chance.
The advice was as simple as true: against the King Alcohol you can win, but only if you get out of the ring! The best thing is; not to drink at all. The next best thing is; to stop drinking after the first glass. The third best thing is; if you started to drink daily, an hour after, stop with drinking forever!
All the rest variants are disaster and without any exception they end with total defeat: private, social, intellectual, and moral and with disintegration of the alcoholic’s family as final punishment. In the duel with King Alcohol not even one person can sustain for too long. From his 17th year, Jack London was famed for his incredible ability to over drink the strongest “sea wolfs” and drunks, from California and Alaska. He believed that he could over drink even the sovereign of all world drunks – The King Alcohol. So, through his fatal delusion he affirmed, paradoxically the most important true: the possibility to win alcoholism is demonstrated only by winners that are alive. That means, just those who succeeded to get out of that satanic circle, even though they were once involved in it!
Ilija Petreski is one of those big winners against King Alcohol! He succeeded to accomplish the thing that even the super hero- Jack London could not! Jack London was writer; and Ilija Petreski is writer; Jack London lost the match against alcoholism; Ilija Petreski was boxing for 30 years, thirty hellish rounds in that horrible ring in which reign The King Alcohol! And, when it seemed that he is in front of definite knockout, after dozen knockouts given in every round from which he barely could stood up, Ilija Petreski summon up strength and won. That is why he is the man to whom with all right belong the honor and the responsibility to write a book with a title like this: “How to win the King Alcohol”.
This book is fascinating testimony, one primary document from first hand for all challenges through which passed himself in that terrific match against King Alcohol; but also this book is exciting writing, in which is introduced the truth for all known and unknown sufferings through which pass the anonymous army of addicts to alcohol. Finally, the book “How to win the King Alcohol” is exceptionally refined precise psychological reconstruction to the motives which entrap the people to become addicts, and more subtle reconstruction to the frustrations which complicate and obstruct to confront with the truth that the addict entered in the match in which is convicted to disaster. That self- destructive proud of addicts, which is necessary to save the own dignity, also is the veil which completely captivate them! With the force of his talent, Ilija Petreski is creating complicated also autobiographic act, which is seen from his superior authenticity and persuasiveness of the dialogs and the psychological analysis of all the characters. But also he is crating one independent, tragic artistic act that overgrows the private inspiration which also is arising above horizon of the didactic, instructive reading for using in the fight against alcoholism. From other hand, with the strength of his moral resolution, Ilija Petreski won the match and not even that he got out from the dark ring of the King Alcohol, he also sovereign entered in the bright sing of the literature. His act is completely excitable, confessing, outright and creative writing, one truly fresh spiritual and ethical epistle.
The book “How to win the King Alcohol” written by Ilija Petreski is absolutely recommended for all social and pedagogical institutions as reading with huge value, but it is also recommended like qualitative, impressive, dramatic writing!
Instead of cheap demagogic slogans, here the reader will find sophisticated, subtle, deep minded interlocutor with huge knowledge and humanistic inspiration. If you decided to hear the truth for the universal evil of our era named King Alchol, read this book! If you have not found the cure against this illness, you will find here.
Proffessor of State University Dr.Ferid Muhic

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